Preorder 626 X-ray Transfer

Preorder 626 X-ray Transfer

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Screen transfers are available in multiple sizes!

Infant is no larger than 4x4

Child is no larger than 8x8

Adult is no larger than 11x11


Screen transfer is ready to press!

Must use a heat press as the design needs enough pressure to adhere. 

Screens are cold peels. Wait until the transfer is cool before peeling backing off.


Directions: Heat shirt for 5 seconds at 300 to press wrinkles. Lay design colors up white side down on the item. Press at 300 for 10-20 seconds. Lay item to cool for a minute. Slowly peel off transfer paper. Place item again on the press, cover with butcher paper and press 10 seconds at 300 to seal the design. You're all set!

Please keep all transfers preorders and RTS separate from fabric orders  


UV TRANSFERS: Made for all flat hard surfaces such as glass, metal, and plastic. Press on item GOOD with fingers and slowly peel off making sure design is on as you go.