• Preorder fabric and toppers have a 5-10 week turn around time. This is our standard turn around time but reserve up to 12 weeks.
  • Minky toppers are available in three sizes; FH, Yard or 2 yard sizes with one image printed on that size.
  • Scaling is approximate and in height of characters.
  • All orders are submitted to the printer on the 15th and the 30th of every month.
  • January orders will have a longer turn around time due to the Chinese new year holiday.
  • Please do not combine retail orders with preorders as they have different turn around times and the retail will have to wait for the preorder to come in. 
  • Transfers must be shipped separelty due to their need to be flat and are shipped in a stay flat rigid mailer with a plastic protector. Shipping for these are that of a PRRE because of the extra costs of the shipping materials needed to protect your order. Because of this it also cannot be shipped with fabric orders. If you order with fabric I may try and invoice for the extra shipping needed or may just cancel the transfer portion of the order. 


    • CL: (cotton spandex) 4 way stretch 240gsm
    • Minky: 240gsm
    • Woven: 150gsm
    • Swim: 240gsm
    • French Terry: 250gsm, 95% cotton 5%spandex
    • Cotton Canvas: 280gsm
    • Double Sided Minky: 380gsm, 
    • Athletic Knit: 280gsm 
    • Bamboo L: 240gsm
    • Boardshort: 120gsm, 
    • Water Resistant Canvas: 100% polyester, 240gsm, 57"
    • Bullet: 250gsm, 
    • Vinyl: (sold in 18"x54")
    • Clear Vinyl: (sold in 18"x47")
    • Smooth Vinyl: (sold in 18"x54")
    • Glow in the dark Vinyl: (sold in 18" xWOF)
    • Water Repellent Fabric: 100% polyester, 
    • Tulle: 100% polyester,  57" width


    • Child panels are approx 18-19inches x 35 inches
    • Child graphics are approx 5.5-7 inches in height and 6.5 inches down from top
    • Adult panels are approx 28-29 inches x 35 inches
    • Adult graphics are approx 10-11 inches in height and 12 inches down from the top



    • Child panels are approx 18-19inches x 35-36 inches
    • Child graphics are CENTERED on panel for the background. 
    • Adult panels are approx 28-29 inches x 35-36 inches
    • Adult graphics are approx 10-11 inches in height and CENTERED on the panel for this background 



    • CL spandex approx 60"
    • All others approx 57"
    • Vinyl approx 54”



    • Large scale borders are double borders made for clothing items. Characters range from 8-11” in height at highest point. 
    •  Our exclusively made FH double mini borders are made with smaller items in mind. Character silhouette shadow height ranges up to 5” in height. Perfect for bags and other small items. FH borders are double borders. 


    • Transfers cannot ship with any other item on the site as they are shipped in a no bend mailer with a plastic bag for protection. Please do not order transfers with fabric orders retail or preorder. You may owe separate shipping 
    • Please see transfer description for sizing and heating 



    • Our original face panel which is approx 9x18 inches with one panel image in the left side and 9x9 of the main print was recently made into a “small things panel” which now has an added 9x18 of main print on the bottom. The small things panels are approx 18x18, have a 9x9 panel on the top right corner with the rest of it being the main print. Perfect for small bags and projects. The image on the panel side is approx 2.5 - 2.75 at the largest side (height or width) 


    • You have 7 days from the time you receive your fabric to inspect and email or message me if there is a problem, question or concern
    • If there is a NOTICABLE printing or fabric flaw found on your fabric after contacting me I will make arrangements for you to send the fabric back for a replacement or a refund depending on the situation.
    • A noticeable flaw is in the printing itself not a spot on the back that does not show through to the front of the fabric design.

    If at any time you are not satisfied please reach out to me and I will try to help in any way I can. Thank you!


    • Most all retail will ship within 0-10 business days from time of purchase 
    • In the unfortunate event of an oversell you will be refunded before shipping.